About us

About Gumboo Bear – Our Story Gumboo Bear was founded by a group of hair experts passionate about natural products. The focus of Gumboo Bear is to provide a natural vitamin supplement that has quick and real results. It is for both women and men hoping to grow their hair or tackle common issues such as balding or thinning hair. Gumboo Bear was created to be free from all nasty additives and chemicals. These are actually harmful to both ourselves and the environment around us. Our products are also suitable for Vegans and contain no gelatin or dairy. Being cruelty-free is important to us!

Gumboo Bear is also all about enjoying the delicious taste! We all have our cheat days and indulge in some fruity candy. Our gummy bears actually taste like a treat, even though they’re healthy! Our products contain ingredients such as Vitamin C, A, E, B5, and Zinc. They have a natural and delicious mixed berries flavor. Gumboo’s yummy taste makes it easy and pleasant to take your supplement each day.

We want our products to be natural, delicious and affordable.

There are many companies out there overcharging for expensive hair supplements. This makes it harder to add hair vitamins to your diet and health regime. Gumboo Bear is a cheaper but effective hair supplement. We’re dedicated to cutting down on unnecessary costs for our customers. Nature is important to us, and all our ingredients are sourced from it! We have worked hard to create a clean, safe and health-boosting supplement. One that says ‘no’ to toxic additives. Our tasty bear vitamins are inspired by all things natural. That’s why we picked the cute bear shape for our product!

Come along on our journey and see what our products can do for yourself!