Home Guide Natural Tips for Men to Self-Improve in 2019 – Hair, Skin & Grooming

Natural Tips for Men to Self-Improve in 2019 – Hair, Skin & Grooming

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Natural Hair Tips for Men 2019


There are many ways men can revamp their style, image, and grooming in even a matter of minutes. Making a few simple changes to your current habits can make a big impact. Having a good image is something we should all strive for, especially in 2019. There are now many ways you can take a natural approach to how you care for yourself. This reduces your use of chemicals, all the while moving towards self-improvement. Taking care of yourself at any stage in life is essential. It will give you confidence in your social and work life equally. We all want to be the best version of ourselves. That means paying attention to our bodies. If you have skin or hair issues, you need to react accordingly to fix these.
Your grooming can completely change how you look. That includes hairstyle, nails, facial hair – everything. You don’t have to look ‘over-groomed’. You only need to put in some basic maintenance and effort into your appearance. Even small changes can be a positive move in the right direction. Feeling like you look your best is always a boost to your self-esteem. For 2019, men should pay attention to their skin care and hair habits. Hair, in particular, should be flattering and well-kept. With this in mind, here are some simple ways men can ‘glow-up’ and self-improve their own image. That’s all while using only natural products and supplements.

Figure Out Your Hairstyle

Having a great haircut is essential. It makes a huge difference to your appearance in an instant. If you already love your current hair cut and don’t want to change it, focus on keeping it healthy. If you aren’t quite sure what hairstyle best suits you, it’s a good idea to visit a local salon or barber. Research some of the best places in your area. Then ask the stylist for recommendations of what might best suit you. This is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and try a new style. If you love the outcome, keep it the same style for now. If you don’t, wait for it to grow-out and try a new place until you find your winning look.

Maintaining Your Hair

Keeping your hair healthy and stylish is a must for any man. That means you should regularly visit a stylist (at least once a month) to get your hair trimmed back into shape. You should also work on maintaining it well between trims. Source the right products for your hair type. Look for natural options that don’t leave build-up behind. Figure out if you need to use styling products. If in doubt, go natural. Styling products can be hard to master and are easy to over-do. Check your hair over. If you have dandruff, thinning areas or any issues you need to address, it’s time to fix these. One good choice is a natural biotin supplement. This a vitamin that promotes healthy hair growth. Taking biotin will keep your hair looking its best.

Don’t Neglect Facial Hair

Facial hair can be hit and miss. Some people love the look, others hate it. One thing is for sure, it’s very trendy to have a beard this year. If you do plan to grow your beard out or already have, make sure it’s well cared for. There is nothing worse than a very wild beard that doesn’t look well-kept. It can look unprofessional and even undesirable. Invest in some natural beard maintenance products. Comb through your beard and apply oil to keep the hair moisturized, healthy and shiny. Don’t forget to have it regularly shaped up professionally. You can also trim it at home if you feel experienced enough to do it yourself.

Keep Your Nails Clean & Tidy

Your hands and nails say a lot about you and is an aspect many people notice. It’s a good idea to buy a nail trimming kit. Make sure you keep your nails clean and at a short length. You can scrub your nails with a brush and some baking soda paste to remove any built-up dirt. You can use lemon juice to lift nail discoloration. Keep your nails looking healthy with a good hand and nail cream. Don’t forget to do the same for your toenails. Regular trims are essential.

Learn About Skincare

You don’t need to have an exhaustive 20 step Korean beauty regime. Learning some basics about skincare and buying 2 – 3 products is a great idea for any man. A good all-purpose moisturizer that you can use twice daily on your face and neck is essential. You should also have a cleanser to wash and clean your skin with. This is especially important for after you work out. It’s also a good idea to use an under-eye cream. This can help with dark circles and fine lines.