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The Best Affordable Skin, Hair, and Beauty Trends for 2019

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As summer 2019 approaches, there are many emerging beauty trends to watch out for. These can help you get ready for the warm summer months. They’re affordable ways to make sure your beauty look is perfect as you head on vacation. The main trends we’ll focus on are mostly natural and as healthy as possible. They’re also budget-friendly. That means it’s easy for everyone to find them at both high and low price points. With every beauty trend, many luxury brands get there first. They make products using trending ingredients we all want to try. Then, more affordable brands copycat. That brings the price down and makes trying these amazing trends way cheaper.
It’s a good idea to shop around and see where to buy these skin, hair and beauty products. Look at how potent the ingredients are and if it fits your own budget. Cheap isn’t always better, but it’s a good way to experiment with something new. If you love how it works, you can always splurge on a more expensive version to see if the results are even better. With that in mind, here are the top trends to keep your eyes open for.

Hyaluronic Acid

The beauty world has gone crazy for hyaluronic acid. Almost every brand out there now has some kind of product containing this key ingredient. You’ll find it in serums, creams, even makeup fixers/finishing sprays. So, what’s with the hype? Hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding ingredient. It helps your skin keep moisture locked in better. That means the result is your skin looks plump and fresh. This can also help cover up wrinkles where the skin is thin and dehydrated. Hyaluronic acid is now available from many beauty brands for a very affordable price. It’s worth adding to your 2019 beauty bucket list.

Vitamin C Serums

Not every new buzzworthy product has to be some crazy chemical you haven’t heard of. Skincare is now returning back to tried and trusted methods. We all know the power of vitamin C – it gives your skin a gorgeous glow and helps it rejuvenate naturally. Vitamin C serums for your skin are a new top product for 2019. Topically applied Vit C can help you fight many skin issues and has anti-aging benefits. This is so easy to use (perfect before bed) and is completely safe and budget-friendly.

Collagen Powder

Collagen is essential for great hair and skin. You may have noticed many top beauty bloggers and Youtubers trying it out. They’re often adding some of this powder to their morning smoothies. Taking a collagen powder is a simple way to make sure your hair and skin structure is at its best. Look around for the best brands and make sure you pick a natural option. Always check out the label to make it’s free from any extra additives. You want your supplement to be healthy and as clean as possible!

Biotin Supplements

More huge hype in the beauty world is all because of Biotin. Just like Vitamin C, this is also a natural vitamin. The key benefits are for your hair and nail growth. It can also have an impact on your skin, clearing up acne and spots. Biotin is useful for quicker hair growth, reversing thinning. It’s a simple way to make sure your hair is as healthy as possible. You can buy biotin supplements in many forms. Our favorite is Gumboo Hair. These chewy gummy vitamins are tasty and fortified with many other beneficial ingredients. Most importantly, everything is natural. It’s even suitable for vegans.

Plant & Nut Oils

Completely natural and generally cheap, there are many oils that benefit your beauty. Popular choices include rose-hip, almond, and coconut. These are an inexpensive way to moisturize, cleanse and revitalize. Use as a hair conditioning treatment, to treat your nails or as nightly skin oil. Make sure the oil you buy is suitable for use on your skin. The best place to shop is at your nearest organic store. This is cost-effective, natural and has amazing results. You can find many DIY recipes and tutorials on how to best use your favorite oils.