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The Best Natural Treatments for Your Nails

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Biotin Supplement for nail growth

Nails can often suffer from damage or discoloration. Brittle nails are weaker and can break easily. There are many treatments on the market to strengthen and treat nails. Many of these contain very strong chemicals. That’s especially true for strengthening products, nail polish removers, and nail lacquers too. Over time, frequent use of many nail products can leave your nails weak and short. Thankfully, there are some ways you can treat your nails in a natural way. These easy solutions are all very cheap and easy to do yourself at home. Many of these you’ll already have at hand in your pantry or kitchen cupboards.
The best approach to nail care is to use a natural solution if possible. This organic options will help to change the color of your nails and grow them strong. You don’t need to use strong chemicals to make a big impact. With the right knowledge, you can create your own natural treatments that really work. These are all much healthier, more affordable and make a big difference. Here are the best ways to change your nails and even cut nail treatment costs!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is everyone’s favorite product in the beauty world. It has so many applications – from the kitchen to your own beauty and skincare regime. Coconut oil is most often used for teeth cleaning, as a face mask or cleanser. You can also use some melted coconut oil to treat your nails. Massage the oil all around your fingertips, allowing it to soak in. This will provide moisture to brittle nails, as well as many essential minerals. Keeping your nails moisturized will help weak nails regrow and gain some strength.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural way to brighten and color change. Many use it as an organic option to lighten their hair in the sun. You can use lemon juice to remove discoloration. If your nails look yellow or need color correcting, it’s a great option. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice and allow your nails to soak in the juice for 5 – 10 minutes. Continue this daily for as long as you need. The natural acid can help fight stains and yellow color, changing it back to a purer white/pink tone.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains many helpful nutrients for nails. It can also help heal any infections you have around your nail or fingertip area. ACV helps with both discoloration and brittle nails. To use, just soak your fingertips every day to help reverse the negative signs. You can soak for as long as you feel comfortable with, up to 10 minutes is always best to see positive results.

Biotin Supplements

Biotin is a wonder vitamin for nails and hair. It’s a water-soluble B vitamin that helps with the production of keratin. This is so essential for healthy nail growth. Taking an organic biotin supplement is the best choice to see the most changes in your nail health. We suggest taking Gumboo Hair. This is an all-natural option that contains Biotin and many vitamins for your hair and nails. It is more effective than topical solutions and can also work in harmony with them.

Baking Soda Scrub


Treat your nails to a baking soda scrub! Mix up some baking soda and a little water into a paste. Use a small brush to scrub around your whole nail area. This method makes your nails very clean and white. The acid found in baking soda can eat away at discoloration. The strong formula can also help remove any dirt around or under your nails. Use this once a week to give your nails a deep clean and keep them in top condition.

Vitamin E Oil

As well as a vitamin supplement containing biotin, you can add to the effect by using a Vitamin E oil. Vit E is known to help strengthen nails and your cuticles. Massage the oil daily into your nails and fingertip area. You can do this just before bed, and allow your nails to soak in the oil overnight. This powerful oil will help strengthen your nails in as little as 2 weeks. It’s best combined with a further vitamin supplement to help nail growth.