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The Best Summer Hair Care Tips & Tricks

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the best ways to protect your hair in summer


Summer is finally on the way and many of us are looking forward to days by the pool or dipping into the ocean. This exposes our hair to the elements – including the sun, chlorine and much more. These can quickly cause damage, even over a short vacation. It’s important that you get ready to protect and care for your hair, no matter what your plans are. There are several simple ways you can make sure your hair doesn’t get damaged. It can be as easy as wearing a hat to protect your hair while you sunbathe or enjoy the local scenery. There are also treatments you can use before and after enjoying the sun or the sea.
In general, hair doesn’t fare well when exposed to heat and that includes the sun harmful rays. It’s important to protect it from exposure, just as you do your skin. Your scalp can also burn in the sun and this can cause the area to get flaky and damage hair follicles. Be aware of how much time you spend with your head facing the sun as you swim or relax and work on your tan. With this in mind, here are a few shortcuts that will keep your hair in great condition during any sun-drenched vacation.

Cover Up

Invest in a great sun hat, cap or headscarf you can wrap around your head. These can actually look so stylish while on vacation and are important if you’ll be out for several hours. Covering your hair and scalp is the easiest way to block out the harmful rays. For swimming, you can then give your hair some time to breathe. A hat is a good choice for sunbathing or sight-seeing. A floppy or wide-brimmed option can even help cover your face and keep you a bit cooler.

Use Powder SPF

The idea of dragging a sun cream or lotion isn’t too appealing. The creams and foams made for bodies can be sticky and aren’t as good for hair. There are now powder versions that are the best option for protecting both your hair and scalp. Use it in the same way you would a dry shampoo product. Apply to the scalp and then brush the product out or tease it into your hair. Bring it with you to top-up after you swim.

Swimming Tips

To reduce damage as you swim or dip into the water, tie your hair up into a loose braid or bun. This keeps it out of the water when possible and the water weight won’t drag you down. After swimming, especially in chlorinated swimming pools, make sure to rinse your hair out shortly after. Use a gentle shampoo to make sure it’s clear and chemical-free again. Then, make sure you opt for a wide-tooth comb or detangle brush. This will help you remove knots in a gentle way without forcing or pulling on your hair too much.

Heat Protection

If your hair will be exposed to the sun and may get damaged from the heat, it’s important to protect it topically. As well as the SPF, you can use a general heat protection spray. This is an essential product for hair care that works well with hot styling tools such as blow dryers and straighteners. It’s also essential for the heat the sun can expose you to. Make sure the product doesn’t contain oil as this can use a ‘frying’ effect. Keep it simple with a spray that protects and reduces damage when the temperature soars.

After-Sun Treatments

After you’ve spent time in the sun, it’s time to treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask. You can DIY your own or find one in a store. The ideal product should contain cooling and rejuvenating ingredients such as Aloe Vera. This is beneficial for both your scalp and hair. If possible, leave the product to soak in for an hour or even overnight before rinsing off. This will help reverse any damage caused and leave you with softer, smoother hair.

Take the Essential Vitamins

You can make sure your hair continues to grow healthy and strong even during your vacation. By taking Gumboo Hair vitamins, your hair is receiving the best treatment from the inside. That includes biotin, a popular vitamin that helps your hair grow thick and to the best of its ability. Make sure your hair is kept looking gorgeous and shiny by having just 2 of these natural gummy bears each day.