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The Best Tips for Fixing & Growing Out Your Natural Nails

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growing out your nails


Growing out your natural nails can take time and patience. Long nails don’t happen overnight, especially if yours are prone to breakages. However, if you’re willing to put in a little maintenance, it’s easy to get long, natural nails. We’re sharing our top ways to remedy and repair your nails, so they’ll grow long and strong. The only way to get long nails that last is to make sure they’re healthy and looked after. You need an excellent diet or supplement that gives your nails the right vitamins. You also need to make sure your nails are moisturized and kept clean. This includes keeping them in great shape and filing them when they do break off.
It’s time to put your nails through rehab and get long regenerated nails that really last. It may take a few weeks for your dedication to show off but it’s totally worth it! It’s a lot healthier and even cheaper than opting for acrylic or faux nails every time. If you have naturally beautiful nails, it’s easy to add any color or art you love. You can get a salon fresh look from the comfort of your own home. Save the extra money for better quality nail products and tools, and become your own manicurist.
Without further ado, here are some of the best tips for repairing and growing out your natural nails. This is with a focus on getting a longer length, better strength and all in the quickest time.

Get your nails in great shape

If you are a nail biter or chewer, you can be damaging both your nails and teeth. Time to kick the habit and get your nails in shape. Use a file to gently work each nail into a slightly rounded tip. Rounded edges help to prevent breakages and set you up for the best natural growth. If you can’t stop biting your nails, time to use a preventative product to kick the habit now!

Nourish your nails and cuticles

If your nails feel dry or brittle, or even if they don’t, a little TLC goes a long way. Pick out a great nail cream and cuticle oil. If possible, opt for natural products that work with your skin type well. Make sure you use both products once a day at least. Massage each in circular motions to help absorption.

Remove any nail polish/nail art

While you grow out your nails, if possible remove all nail polish or art. Leave your fingers bare and with room to grow out naturally, with no barrier in the way. If you have to add some nail polish for a special event, remove it as soon as possible. Constantly applying harsh nail polishes can degenerate your nail quality before you get to the length you want. Going natural will really help your nails feel stronger and last longer without breakages.

Take a nail growth supplement

There’s nothing wrong with taking a sneaky shortcut, especially when you know it’s all-natural. Taking a nail growth supplement is an ideal way to make sure your nails grow long and strong as quickly as possible. There are many chemical and dangerous options out there – so carefully pick a natural one. Gumboo Hair is the best choice for nail growth. It even boosts your skin and hair too. It contains only the essential vitamins you need like zinc and biotin. There are no dangerous additives and they’re even suitable for vegans.

Be careful with hand products

Take a look at the hand products you use such as soaps and hand sanitizers. Some of these can contain high alcohol levels which can dry out your hands and leave your nails brittle or weak. Look for a gentle hand soap that moisturizes your skin and doesn’t contain any alcohol if possible. Put a hand lotion next to your soap to remind yourself to use it. Wear gloves when cleaning or washing up to protect your nails and hands from detergents.

Enjoy and maintain your long nails!

Once you get to your desired length, remember they can still break or snap at any time. Be gentle on your nails and carefully trim and smooth any rough edges. Continue to treat your nails in the same way for the best natural growth.