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The Best Vitamins & Minerals for Healthy Hair

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The best vitamins for healthy hair

To get your hair in tip-top shape, one of the most important aspects is the right nourishment. That applies to topical treatments as well as your own diet. What makes the biggest impact on hair quality is having the right vitamins and minerals. These can be as part of a balanced diet. If you want to be sure you have the right balance, it’s a good idea to find a natural hair supplement. The right vitamin supplement should contain everything you need for healthy hair. Taking it daily will make hair growth easier and quicker.
Your hair needs many vitamins and minerals to grow healthy, strong and thick. Without these, no topical treatment will work particularly effectively. Your hair needs to be treated from the inside. You need to fight signs of deficiency that can cause thinning or hair loss. By knowing what vitamins are most important, you can easily improve your hair’s health. This is the best way to change how your hair looks and feels. You can see results in only a few months. If you continue to treat your hair with the right vitamins, your hair will grow beautifully.
Here is some essential information about the best vitamins for healthy hair growth. These are the ones to take note of if you plan to make your hair healthier. These can also work as a great treatment to fight premature signs of aging, balding or weak hair.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are the most important for hair growth. These will make the biggest difference in hair quality. In particular, you should look for hair supplements that contain Biotin. This is a natural vitamin that is water-soluble. It’s very safe to take as a supplement. It can be found naturally in several foods. To make sure you have enough every day, a biotin supplement is a great idea. Biotin works to improve the structure of your hair’s keratin. It makes sure this protein is formed correctly. It can even reverse damage found in hair follicles.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very potent antioxidant. It protects against free radicals in the environment around you. It is also essential to help with your collagen production. Collagen is a very important part of your hair’s protein structure. Having enough vitamin C can help your hair’s strength and general health. Vit C is needed in your body to help absorb iron, which also helps your hair to grow.

Vitamin D

In recent studies, vitamin D was found to help create new hair follicles. This exciting news is important to anyone who suffers from balding or hair loss. It can be used as an all-natural way to treat many of these common hair issues. In general, this vitamin stimulates your existing hair follicles. This encourages quick and healthy hair growth.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is great for your scalp! It reduces the oxidative stress your hair and scalp are exposed to. Vit E is fat-soluble and very safe to take in the right quantities. It helps to stop many free radicals which can stunt your hair follicles from growing. This vitamin can help you address any issues you have with your scalp.


If you are deficient in iron, your production of hemoglobin can stop. This is an important process for hair growth. Hemoglobin carries oxygen around your body to your hair and cells. It helps to repair damage in areas that are currently healing. If you suffer from hair issues such as loss, make sure you have enough Iron in your diet to recover your hair.


Zinc helps your hair tissue grow healthy. In recent studies, taking a Zinc supplement had proven benefits. It helped reverse hair loss issues and resumed hair growth. It’s essential that you take the correct amount of Zinc every day. An overdose quantity can actually cause hair loss. Be careful to strike the right balance.


Your hair is made from keratin, which is a form of protein. Therefore, it’s important that your diet is high in protein to provide your hair enough to work with. You can easily add more protein into your diet. There are many protein shakes and bars on the market. You can also just opt for lean meat sources if you are a meat-eater. There are many ways to make sure you have enough for vegans and vegetarians alike.