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The Top Summer 2019 Hair Trends

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The Top trends for hair this summer


Summer is quickly approaching and it’s easy to see some of the most popular hair trends already taking hold. They’re already flooding your Instagram feeds and giving you some serious style inspo. These are the top trends for hair that are set to dominate the fashion and beauty worlds this season. Keep your eyes open at festivals, on vacation and even on the red carpet. These favorite styles are going to soon be everywhere, and it’s best to get ahead.
When it comes to hair accessories, minimalism is over. The more the better is the latest trend! From glitzy clips to vintage-inspired head-scarves, the hair has become a focal point for summer. Keep your outfit simple or block color and pick out a daring print or unique hat to make a splash with. When it comes to hairstyles, going natural can’t lead you too far wrong. Embrace what makes your hair unique and you’ll always look stylish and original. However, there are some big trends that we can’t get enough of. That includes big bouncy curls, and in contrast, straight sleek hair. Whatever works best for you, enjoy the summer season and have fun experimenting. These are all adaptable and easy to try out trends! Don’t break your budget – you’ll find many ways to give these a try at home or with high street/drug store finds to help you out.

Statement Hair Accessories

Summer 2019 is all about the bold hair accessory. Clips are exploding and that means all different kinds. Slide-in, clip-on, bejeweled or tortoise. Clips are undoubtedly the biggest hair accessory trend. You can make this look personal by picking a style to suit you – from vintage to glam, there’s something for every girl. If clips aren’t your thing, look out for hair scarves that tie into a ponytail, or simply oversized straw hats. Be bold with your headgear and keep the rest of your look streamlined and simple.

A Hint of Pink

The beauty world has gone crazy for hair with a slight hint of a pastel tone. This has already been spotted on several top stars recently, including Khloe Kardashian. The key to this look is to make people do a double take. Let them ask – is her hair really pink? Or is it just an illusion? Look out for pink and lilac purple shades that look faded and barely there. This is supposed to be very subtle which makes it a lot easier to try out and experiment with. Give it a try with a wash-in, wash-out dye so you don’t have to commit!

Embrace the Curl

We love curly hair of all types, and summer is especially a great time to embrace those springy waves or stunning coils! Embrace your curl for a surfy, unfussy beach vibe. Make sure you use the right tools and products to bring out your curls and maintain them well. From surf spray to curl enhancing balms, there are many options depending on the type of curl you naturally have. Find the right one for you, and you’ll have a flawless summer look that is low maintenance and so pretty.

Poker Straight

If your hair doesn’t curl or wave so easily, it’s time to embrace a poker straight look instead. Straightened hair is back with a bang and a new favorite with style stars like Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Kenner. The key to this look is to use a straightening iron with heat protection spray. Make sure you don’t damage your hair with excess heat. One all of your hair is looking straight, use a setting spray with an added shine to really show off just how straight and sleek your look is.

Glossy Locks

No matter what hair type you have, it’s always appealing to have healthy, gloss hair. The best way to achieve this look (which is always a classic and timeless option), is to nourish your hair. The easiest option is with Gumboo Hair beauty vitamins for your hair, skin, and nails. Get glossy, healthy hair with natural thickness and better strength the easy way. Treat your hair from the inside with the right vitamins you need for beautiful hair all summer long.