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Top Nail Color & Style Trends for 2019

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the top nail trends for 2019


There are many ways to beautify your nails for 2019. The top trends for the year look modern, daring and unique. They’re all about putting new techniques and products to the test, pushing the limits of nail art. There is also a move towards natural looking nails, that are naturally grown and simple. These two very different looks will depend on what you want to achieve. It’s easy to try them all out over the span of the year. This way, you’ll always have a fashion-forward manicure to show off!
With any good nail art, you need to make sure your own nails are in top condition. This means that before you apply any nail art, you look after them. Make sure your nails are strong, well groomed and growing well. This is easy to do with a nail supplement. A beauty vitamin mix is a popular choice. Especially one that contains biotin. This vitamin will help your nails grow long and strong, keeping them healthy. This is very important, especially if you love nail art. Applying lots of polish and faux nails can have a negative impact on nail health. Make sure you give them time between manicures to grow strong and healthy.
Without further do, here are some of the most fashion-forward nail ideas for 2019. If you love DIY nail art, many of these are easy to try out at home. This can be an inexpensive way to bring a runway trend to your outfit. Just like any stylish accessory, your nails can tell a story and add to your style. Pick a color and design that matches your favorite color palette. Then, get ready to take some amazing Instagram snaps!

Sheer Opaque

The sheer opaque look is best created with a sheer pink acrylic faux nail. The idea is that the nail is see-through and you can even see your natural nail under. For this, your own nails need to be relatively short. The sheer faux nail should be long and have a pointed edge. This can even pair up with the trend for holo nails well. The key to this look is to find good quality sheer nails that fit over your own. This has already become a big trend on Instagram in many colors – orange and purple. For a low key option that’s more wearable, go for natural pink.


Embellished nails are for the girl who dares to be different. This is a harder look to try at home, but it can be achieved. The most popular embellishment type of faux pearls. These look beautiful applied to a pale pink or french manicure base. You’ll need some strong nail glue to apply the embellishments. Make sure they’re set solidly in place before you begin using your hands again! Embellishments look gorgeous but be careful that they don’t get caught in anything. Remove them with a nail polish remover and don’t scrap your nail to get them loose. As well as pearl, you can try sequin, beads, gems, etc.

Natural Long

If you don’t love the very over-the-top styles, this one is for you. Focus on growing your nails long the natural way. Pay attention to the shape of the tip. Take time to groom and nourish your nails. It’s a good idea to invest in a small manicure kit so you have the right set-up. If you feel your nails look too bare, you can complete the look with a sheer or nude polish. Keep it simple and be proud of your natural looking nails. Make sure you take nail vitamins to speed up the growth. The right vitamins will also make your nails stronger over time.

90s Glitter

Glitter nail polish is back! If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll remember painting your nails with glitter-flecked polish. Get ready to re-live the trend all over again. This looks beautiful in any color you pick. You want to find a polish that has the right glitter levels – so it’s noticeable when applied. This looks stylish in unexpected color combos such as purple, green and blue. The 90s glitter look is super easy to DIY on your own nails, or you can paint a set of faux nails for extra length.

Navy Galaxy

Take a plunge into the galaxy with this gorgeous trend that is really elegant. It’s the perfect choice for a night out or special occasion. The goal is to create a starry night effect. Start off with a base of a matte navy color. It should be a deep midnight blue, but not very dark. Then, add a sheer silver glitter polish on top. This creates the ‘star’ look that makes for stylish galaxy nails. Easy to do yourself and an amazing effect.