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Vacation Beauty Prep: Your DIY Guide

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how to prepare your beauty look for vacation

Vacation is already a big expense. Many of us don’t want to spend more on professional pre-vacation beauty treatments. All just to look good at the beach or while lounging by the pool. You don’t have to spend lots of money and have every part of you professionally polished before your vacay. There are lots of ways you can prepare to look your best at home. Transform into your own beauty expert and become a DIY queen.
There may be some treatments you do want to see a professional for. That’s understandable – there’s a reason these people are qualified. However, you can easily do your own manicure or even tint your brows in the comfort of your own home. There are lots of ways you can save money and still look salon fresh as you step off the plane. We’re here to guide you through, so you can be happy with your beauty look and enjoy that vacation. Embrace these simple ways to beauty prep and enjoy the ritual as you get ready your relaxing time off.

Choose Your Nail Color

Before you go, decide what color (or even multiple colors) you want for your nails during vacation. Make sure the shades you pick suit your outfits and any color themes you have already prepared. If it’s too hard to find a color that matches, go neutral with a simple French manicure, gold, nude or beige color. Give yourself a great home manicure a day or two before you leave. Make sure you gently shape your nails and nourish them with cuticle oil before you apply any art or nail polish. As you pack for vacation, bring your nail color so you can top-up any chips or change color if you want to.

Get Your Hair Ready

For any vacation, you want your hair to look glossy, shiny and gorgeous. You can begin hair preparations a few months in advance the easy way. Start by taking Gumboo Hair. This beauty supplement is a delicious gummy vitamin with many benefits for your hair, skin, and nails. If you begin as soon as possible, you’ll see longer and stronger hair. Taking this natural supplement just keeps your hair healthy and is a simple way to take care of it. As well as vitamins, you should treat your hair to a repairing hair mask each week. If possible, leave on for up to an hour before rinsing to see the most benefit.

Prepare Your Brows & Lashes

If you want to go makeup-free on vacation, or at least reduce your usage, try pre-tinting your brows and lashes. There are lots of drug store products you can use to do this at home. Do your research and make sure you select a great product. This has the benefit of making your face look more ‘made up’ even by the pool, without you needing to look after it. Tinted lashes and brows are the easy short-cuts to vacation beauty.

Exfoliate Your Whole Body

In the weeks leading up to your vacation, add exfoliation to your weekly ‘to-do list’. Invest in a natural body scrub product, or try out an exfoliating mitt or brush. It’s important to begin doing this each week to remove dead skin cells. Over time, you’ll also see a reduction in cellulite and will notice your whole body looks firmer and skin is clearer. Make sure you work in a circular motion up and down your whole body. Once you’re finished, apply body oil or lotion to add nourishment back to your skin, and leave a healthy sheen behind.

Fake a Glow

If you’re naturally pale and don’t want to hit the beach looking ghostly, you can fake a glow at home. If you are used to getting a salon tan, look up a video tutorial before you apply it yourself. Invest in a tanning mitt to help you keep your hands clean, and don’t forget hard to reach areas like your upper back. You can choose an instant tan option or a build-able product. If you aren’t confident, a build-able tan is useful as it looks more subtle and can wash off easier if you make a mistake.